Mary Site ABOUT 01

Mary Meyer grew up in suburban Castro Valley, California, in the comfort of Johnny Mathis and Doris Day. Then the 60’s washed through and scattered her priorities all over the place.

One priority that couldn’t be washed away was Yosemite National Park, which is the setting for her novel THE ANT FARM. Her family camped there often, and it’s even possible she was conceived there, although this fact was never confirmed since she did not wish to pursue that angle of conversation with her mother.

Through the years she has worked as a model, a car rental agent, a deputy sheriff, a bartender, and an undercover operative for a private investigator. Adventurous jobs, perhaps, but lately her adventures have reduced in scope, like her recent incident at the Met, when she was forced to find her row by feel after the lights had gone down. She has been married, divorced, remarried. She has a daughter living in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an undergraduate degree in English, and some of her stories have been published in university literary journals.


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