Thanks for joining me. Here you will find me blogging about writing, or the quest to publish my novel THE ANT FARM. Or I might drift to how, just when you think you’ve got things squared away, life slips in to your hiding place and messes stuff up.  Or about awakening to see that a minor crisis might well be considered a challenge, a means of growth. Or maybe it’s just a crisis.  Some Baby Boomer talk, although I dislike that phrase.  It reminds me of elderly dudes in untucked Hawaiian shirts with thin, old-guy pony tails, among other things.  Not that I have anything against old guys in Hawaiian shirts.

So please, enjoy, have a nice day, and know that you have my best wishes.



A Novel
by Mary Meyer

The Ant Farm Card front

When three women take summer jobs in Yosemite National Park, they’re certain that raw nature and an absence of television will help them resolve their middle-age problems. Instead, values are challenged and friendships strained—by the square but handsome park ranger two of them vie for, by the young stud from the bike shop who leads the other into a disturbing second adolescence, by the constant and impartial wilderness that has them asking: where do we fit into the big picture?


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